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super fun from start to end. Loved the dark humor and the tight controls

one word... wow

lol awesome :D

nice game

This was an incredibly satisfying play, well done!


very clean video, ill be following your production! i liked this video a lot overall.

I loved this! It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a good platformer, and it’s maniacal premise is right up my alley! I especially enjoyed the controls; they can be so difficult to get right in games like this, but they feel great! I’d like to play the Halloween update if it ever becomes available again. But even if it doesn’t, I’m excited about the full release and all the great things you do in the future! 

How I can pass the newspaper part?

Adoro al primo lejano de kirby

Wait, this came out in 2020? Weird. I swear i remember seeing someone play this in like, 2016


This is actually kirby from the deep web, nice game

Can I play multiplayer on one keyboard?

Amazing game! But the local multiplayer doesn't seem to work for me?

What a crazy game. Loved everything about it. The retro vibes and the music are just great.

interesting style.

Oh i was creative with this one :D

YO! I really like this game, it has similar vibes to undertale, which I enjoy. The only thing that confuses me is hardcore mode, which I have played and beaten but I never got the golden axe. Do I have to kill everything or just beat it? 

Well thx, im gonna be creative ;3


Couldn't get your game to run even after disabling my antivirus, I don't know what this game is but I couldn't even play it

This game was SOOOOO fun to play. I am super excited for the full game! The gameplay was super fun but extremely difficult at the same time and the enemies were so fun to fight. The style and idea of the game is extremely cool too. This game is a definite 10/10. It was super fun editing my video on it too. Here is my video if anyone wants to check it out:


This was a really fun game even though it glitched out for me in the first run. 

Deleted 79 days ago
Deleted 79 days ago

ive fixed that bug and reuploaded the file, if its still happening id be happy if you let me know


this is a really cool game! but somehow i cant do nothing in this part

Deleted 80 days ago
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is this a virus?


Amazing game that you have here. Although the local multiplayer doesn't work for me, its a really great and solid game. The controls are responsive and fluid, and the enemies each have their own challenges


vary good it really fun to play 


This was really fun! I love how tight and fluid the controls feel. The game gave me vibes similar to what I've felt many years ago playing flash platformer games on newgrounds and similar websites. I realit enjoyed this! 

Channel Link

This is great.

A well made demo. I can tell that you take pride in this. Nicely polished, an vary in a cool small package.I think I enjoyed the music the most.

I can't find any cons in it.

Can't wait to see more. GGs :)

PS. I want ost ( especially what plays during the 2nd phase )

Played this game on my channel, was blindfolded most of the time so I can't say much but I know I had a lot of fun. And what I could see of the game it looked great, will probably beat on my own just because it was so much fun. 

Muito divertido, eu estou colocando seu jogo no meu canal se não se incomodar, aguardando a versão completa!!!

Author: this cover is a bit like bread

He's cruel

I can't even play it because windows block it because they think it might harm my PC and they block it so I am waiting for the report to come in because I reported this website is safe I hope I get to play soon.

(1 edit)

this is just due to me using and compiling the game in Gamemaker 1.4, its a false-positive and you should be fine to execute. there isn't much i can exactly do about it right now though, to my knowledge. 

It's ok I will figure something out someday.

This game was a lot of fun. I enjoy the idea of there being more endings based on how you play, especially on a simple platformer. I am super excited for whatever happens next in this game. 

I'm super into this game. The idea of killing or not killing causing different outcomes in a platformer is great, I can't wait to see how it ends up. I played this for my Bloodcurdling Barrage, in which I do daily videos for all of October.

It doesn't seem to let me use the d-pad or stick to select things in the menus with a controller.

known issue, its temporarily mapped to 'select' i believe. 



I don't feel comfortable seeing basically the aestetic, designs, animations and the intro scene to the level, all from Kirby.

I hope all of that art is just placeholder or at least that you make clear that is a Kirby parody.


I am looking forward to the full version of this game brother.


Absolutely loved this chaotic little platformer. Loved the music, art and animation -- the blood animation is top notch -- and thought the writing was passable but could be cleaned up just a tiny bit. I look forward to more of Hamachi, I'm absolutely keeping my eyes on this.

here is my run i did enjoy a video the power up chainsaw and the chase 

hi.big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 

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